We perform the standard no-scalpel vasectomy. It helps minimize bleeding and infection while getting you back in action the quickest.

You will experience very minimal discomfort and we will perform the vasectomy per medical standards to ensure that the procedure is effective.

(That means we are going to take all the care to ensure those tubes don’t connect back together again)

While no birth control method is 100%, most studies put the vasectomy at around 99% effective.

Expect to be in the office for less than 1 hour though the procedure itself only takes 15-20 minutes.

You can also find more information at: https://familydoctor.org/vasectomy-what-to-expect/

Vasectomy: Pre and Post-Operative Instructions

Before The Procedure:

Stop taking all aspirin or blood thinning products one week prior to your vasectomy.

Arrange to rest and be off from work for 2-3 days after the vasectomy. DO NOTHING. We can’t stress it enough.

We can provide you with a medicine to help you relax for the procedure if you desire.

The Day of the Vasectomy:

Carefully trim the hair from the scrotum.

Wear or bring close-fitting underwear that will support the scrotum

Be sure to have someone drive you home from the procedure.

Post-Vasectomy Instructions:

Wear close-fitting underwear for 2-3 days to hold the bandages in place.

Place an ice pack on your scrotum to minimize swelling during the first 24-48 hours (30 minutes on/30 minutes off while awake).

Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen as needed for pain.

You may take a shower beginning the day after the procedure, but avoid soaking the scrotum in baths, swimming pools or hot tubs until the skin is fully healed.

Limit activity for the first 48 hours following procedure, avoid any heavy lifting, pushing or straining.

You may want to minimize heavy lifting for the next 2-3 weeks depending on your level of discomfort with more strenuous activities.

General Expectations:

You can expect some bruising and redness at the site of the incision.

There may be some bloody, yellow or white discharge from the incision as it heals, this is normal.

You may loosely place some gauze over the incision to absorb any drainage.

You may notice some firmness in and around the incision site, it will soften, flatten and return to normal within a few weeks.

Follow-Up Semen Test:

A vasectomy does not make you immediately infertile, it takes 8 weeks and 20 ejaculations for all the sperm to leave your body.

Instructions will be provided the day of your procedure for follow up semen testing.

Generally you are able to return to normal sexual activity within a week of the procedure. It is not uncommon to see blood in your semen with first few ejaculations following the procedure.


Complications: Contact our office immediately if you experience any of the following issues:

Temperature above 100.4°F

Significant increase in scrotal size

Redness or swelling that does not subside

Difficulty urinating

Blood spot on the dressing larger than a dime